What Dream May Come

I don’t know if it’s the jet lag or just that I go to bed exhausted, but my sleep and dreams have been seriously weird. Two nights ago it was that I was pregnant, and someone else had to tell me that I was. It all came about because we were celebrating a friend’s wedding (who got married in real life quite a few years ago) and she was pregnant and starting to show. Someone looked at me and said, “Well, you’re pregnant too,” and I was like, “Huh, what? No, I’m not.” They dragged me to a doctor they knew who performed some kind of needle test to tell me I was, in fact, pregnant. I still didn’t believe it, so my friends dragged me to a gas station store and made me take a box pregnancy test. It had like 5 different colors on it and a plus/minus sign thing. I claimed the test was broken when it turned up two plus signs. It went on like that, with me continuing to deny and making up reasons why the test wasn’t valid. I got nothing.

This morning I woke up (at least I think I really woke up), opened my eyes, saw Mr. Lyndsy, and just about screamed. Apparently I’m still not used to sleeping with Mr. Lyndsy. It may be that most of the time he’s usually at work before I wake up. This won’t always be the case, but right now, as I try to adjust to this new timezone, it will be. Or that was just part of a dream. I’m a little freaked out that I’m having trouble differentiating fantasy and reality.

After that, I went for a run. I was pretty proud of myself because running is most definitely not my thing. And I was in nice bright neon colors so everyone would be able to see me and not run into me with their cars or bikes. I even managed a portion uphill. I ran by some people I knew so I waved to them and kept on running.

I was completely worn out by the time I got back. Of course, it was only when I got back that I realized I’d been dreaming the entire time. Something should have struck me as odd pretty quickly. One, I live in a REALLY flat part of the world right now. Two, I was running outside in shorts which is completely not okay here since my super sexy knees were showing. Three, I ran by people I know who live in Florida and Washington and have never been as close as they were in my dream. Oh, and four, I WAS RUNNING. I can barely walk right now, let alone try to add speed.

The best part was that in the dream, I went around telling people how wild it was that I had the dream and how ridiculous it was that I didn’t  realize it until I got back from the run! I was even thinking about posting it on Facebook and what I would say.

After that, Mr. Lyndsy came in to kiss my goodbye before leaving for work. One of the few things I require of him is that every morning, before he leaves, he has to give me a kiss, even if I’m asleep. Well, this morning I was stuck in some dream/reality netherworld, and it wasn’t him giving me a kiss, but my mother. Let’s not tell him about that.

I’d been getting a little better about waking up earlier, but that’s all gone to hell in a hand basket now. I was tired well before I went to sleep last night. Maybe if I had gone to sleep when my body was zonking out on me instead of continuing to play Lego Batman with Mr. Lyndsy, I wouldn’t have been so out of this morning.

I’ve always been interested in dream interpretation, but honestly, I’ve got nothing on the dreams I’ve had recently. In search of an answer, I turned to the Google. Pregnancy dreams are usually about giving birth to some kind of creativity. So, based on the dream, I have something creative percolating inside, but I need other people to tell me it’s there?

Running when not being chased is apparently a good thing. When running alone, it indicates motivation to reach your goals and eventual success. Perhaps this makes sense since I have recently been outlining my goals? The two dreams taken together mean that I’ll have success in the creative goals I’ve outlined?

Anyone have thoughts?


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