Well, fuck


Called the hospital back today – no bed. Went by since I have no idea how this will work now – whether I was supposed to try to go in tomorrow anyway.

Unfortunately the people at the hospital weren’t actually helpful at all. One of the people we spoke to said that all elective surgeries had been canceled, but I have no idea if he meant for tomorrow or today. I know that the doctor had patients scheduled with beds reserved for tomorrow, so I don’t know if they meant those were canceled.

We’re going to go back tomorrow in the early morning to talk to someone. Who knows what the fuck will happen. I should have known I wasn’t going to get this lucky. Nothing about anything to do with this fucking foot drop has been even remotely easy. I’m still mad at myself for listening to the neurosurgeon when he told me to hold off last year. I would be just about recovered by now if I hadn’t bothered listening to him.