Unknown Lands

Holy crap, y’all! I am going to Brazil! I even have the visa that shows they’re going to let me in! It was pretty easy to get since I’m married to one of their people, but that’s probably also because they don’t know me yet. We’ll see what happens in 10 years when I need to renew that bad boy.

I am totally excited but I am also nervous as hell. It’s going to be fantastic to go somewhere new that I’m not sure I really ever thought I would go. I’m not a world traveler by any means. Prior to moving to the Middle East, my out-of-country experiences included Canada (which totally doesn’t count since I didn’t need a passport to get in) and Ireland (stopping in London only to change planes). Getting to add a new country and continent is pretty exciting shit. And we’re going to be there for almost a month so even though I’ll be working while I’m there, I should get to see some stuff on nights and weekends.

The nervous part comes in that I’m going to be meeting a bunch of Mr. Lyndsy’s family. I have no idea whether he was nervous meeting my crazy family. I can’t remember how much I warned him ahead of time and I really had no idea who he would see other than my mom and dad. My dad was pretty chill (he wants grandkids like yesterday) but my mom tried to talk him out of marrying me. (See how well that didn’t work, Mom?)

I’m sure they’re really nice people. His parents have been nothing but sweet toward me and after his godmother warned me I better be good to him, she got pretty sweet too. I’m not sure if it’s because he lives so far away or if he’s just among the favorites in the family, but they are dying to see him. And me too since he married me.

The other issue is that there’s a bit of a language barrier – most of the speak Portuguese, exclusively. His dad speaks English fluently and his mom and I have managed to put together some sentences. I have been working on and off to learn Portuguese, but that’s gone super poorly and now I’m down to 3 (THREE) weeks to get something going with that.

I will be honest with you, it’s entirely my fault. Mr. Lyndsy obviously speaks it fluently. However, I hate sounding stupid, so I haven’t let him teach me anything. I try to eavesdrop when he talks to his parents on the phone, but it’s like trying to me when I’ve had too much Coke. (The drink, not the nose candy.)

It would be one thing if it were Spanish. I took loads of that and can still understand quite a bit of it. Formulating sentences is beyond me, but I could probably fudge my way through it. No so with Portuguese.

For starters, it’s not as much like Spanish as you’d think it is. The sentence structure is similar (but see above re: not being able to formulate sentences in Spanish) but the pronunciation is completely not what you expect it’ll be. Not to mention that apparently all of the programs I’ve used are by people who are from Sao Paulo which is NOT okay since I’ll be with people from Rio de Janeiro. It’s a whole big THING.

I even had Mr. Lyndsy try one of the apps I downloaded. It’s supposed to help with pronunciation. It gave him a 67%. Apparently the app was from Sao Paulo too.

I’m just going to have to bite the bullet and get Mr. Lyndsy to teach me. After all, we hope to have kids one day and they will need to be bilingual as well. Since they’ll be getting English in school, we’ll have to speak to them in Portuguese at home. He frowned at me when I suggested I could just learn Portuguese with the kids.

I know I’m being ridiculous, I promise I do. But, well… ugh.

I can do this, right??