Ugh…my leg

It’s been a while since I gave an update about my leg. I have a doc appointment on Tuesday but I definitely wish it were before then. 

I’ve started having muscle spasm type things in the tibialis anterior. The pain seems t go pretty far down, which is interesting since the lower part is where I’ve had a lot of numbness since the fusion. 

I had some pain travel down into my big toe too. Same situation as the lower leg – haven’t really had any feeling there since the fusion. 

The top of the peroneal nerve has had some problems as well, by not as frequently as anything else. I get a pins and needles feeling in the bottom, outside, and heel. 

The stitches on the outside and top of my are itchy and occasionally painful. I really hope those come out at this next appointment. 

There are days when I I’m almost used to the cast and days that I want to saw it off my leg with a kitchen knife. Mr. Lyndsy won’t buy me my own saw. 

Things could definitely be worse and I’m of the belief that everything is just healing and that’s why it feels weird. Let’s hope I’m right!

I’m debating smuggling a razor into my next doctor appointment. The leg hair is strong with this one.