Thanks, but no thanks

Something that’s floored me over the last few days is the amount that I have heard white people dictate how the Black Lives Matter (BLM) movement should be doing its thing.

Someone said to me, “If the BLM wants my help, they know what they need to do.” He wants BLM to be “All Lives Matter.” In my opinion he’s clearly missing the fucking point about what BLM is and what it’s trying to accomplish. If everyone in the United States was getting dropped by police on the regular, living in substandard conditions with substandard education, and not getting access to the same benefits, then that would make sense. But that’s not how it is. He’s also got his panties in a twist because HE feels marginalized by the movement. Yep, his FEELINGS are hurt. Never mind the black people who have felt marginalized for YEARS and in fear for their lives for YEARS. But yes, please, Mr. White Man, let me focus on making your feelings less hurt, while people die in the streets.

Someone else said that all BLM is doing is pissing people off and that they need to try other tactics if they want support.  Um, that’s a big ass cup of NOPE. That is not how this works.

I can’t figure out if they’re trying to deflect the fact that they don’t agree that there are problems, and by doing so, avoiding having real conversations about how they’re racist. Basically, if they argue enough about bullshit, no one will pay attention to the fact that they actually just don’t want to help the United States be a better place because they’re completely fine riding around on their chariots of white privilege.

The fact that so many white people posted this kind of bullshit on the day we celebrate Martin Luther King, Jr. was particularly disgusting. Instead of really taking stock, they threw up a big ass white sheet and tried to hide from actual discussion.

Instead of wasting everyone’s time talking about how ALL LIVES MATTER (no one is saying that isn’t the case, despite what you may believe) or how BLM needs to protest, try having legitimate discussions about ways to help improve the conditions of the minorities in the United States. Focus on the problem and finding a solution. Figure out how you, as an individual and collectively with the rest of us, can make a real fucking difference.

Or, keep talking the same crap so that I know for sure that you’re a racist piece of shit.