My nose is full of… stuff

Last Sunday I finally had the septoplasty, turbinate reduction, and maxillary antrostomy. For those playing at home who aren't doctors - the cartilage in my nose was crooked, the bubbles that humidify air when we breathe in through our noses were too big, and the openings to my cheek

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30-Day Project: February Wrap-Up/March Project

30-day Project

Hahahah. Oh holy hell was February a complete failure. I think I stitched maybe 7 days total. Which is terrible. I had projects I wanted to finish if I was going to start selling them on Etsy. It’s not a the world’s biggest deal obviously, but crap. I did finally frame things I had finished. I feel like I should get some credit for that.

My goal for March is to journal every day to sort of track how my body feels from day to day – back pain, leg/foot pain, stomach issues, etc. – and see how my activity, eating, and sleeping affect how I feel. A friend does it and while hers is a lot more detailed than mine will be, it’s a good start.

It’s not exciting and don’t worry, I won’t post the day to day in here. That would be terrible of me to do.

While I’m here, I may as well give a quick update on my leg/foot. I still have a bit of pain and my gait is totally screwed up. I walk with my foot turned out and I don’t step all the way through because of pain that happens in my foot and achilles. At the January 6 appointment with the surgeon, he acknowledged that due to the Achilles lengthening, there could be some inflammation and scarring in there that are causing pain and making it difficult to walk. He referred me to a doctor to get an extracorporeal shockwave thing to help break it down and hopefully help me walk. Unfortunately, the first appointment that doctor had available was in mid-March. So, in a couple weeks I’ll see him and get this sorted out. Maybe.

I had an MRI yesterday to make sure there isn’t any nerve entrapment that’s still causing pain down my leg and into my foot. I doubt there is since they did an MRI right after the spinal fusion that caused the foot drop and there wasn’t any then.

I do attribute some of the foot/leg nerve pain issues to the work done by the physical therapist after the surgery. He can pretty much suck. A lot of the other nerve issues had resolved, but NOT in my lower leg. I do wonder very seriously if the foot drop would have resolved if I had never seen him.

At any rate, that’s where I’m at. I’ve had some days where I wasn’t having a ton of pain and it was amazing. I think it was over a week! Still had some pain, but nothing like it had been. Then yesterday I was reduced to a sobbing mess because my back, hips, leg/foot, AND arm hurt (thanks cellulitis!). Today is better. I chalk that up to getting a fuck ton of good sleep. Yay for melatonin!

Anyway, I hope you all are well or if you’re not, that you get there soon!


Booted Up


It’s been a while and I know you’re all dying to know how me and my jacked up foot are doing. So I’ll indulge you.

Traveling while on crutches and not really able to bear weight is awful. We left Friday morning for Dubai. I hadn’t had a lot of time on the crutches and found it pretty exhausting to get around the airport. The woman who checked us in got me a wheelchair and that was probably the smartest thing we did that day. There’s a lot of waiting time once you check in for an international flight and in most of the airport in Doha, you don’t really get to sit while you do it. I don’t know if they’re trying to make you walk around and shop, but you don’t get to sit. When you’re being assisted though, they have a “lounge” for you to hang out in, filled with mostly empty chairs.

Navigating the aisles of plane on crutches should be an Olympic sport. I didn’t get put on first, so I had to deal with people being around me and probably irritated that I was going slowly. I also booked us into the back of the plane which was not a brilliant idea in retrospect. I obviously believed I’d be a lot more mobile than I actually was.

As I was getting off the plane in Dubai, I moved aside to let someone get past me, and I tweaked my Achilles. It was a nice sharp pain and it immediately brought tears to my eyes. It did not help that I hadn’t really slept the night before and was completely exhausted. They brought a wheelchair down the jetway for me and got me through passport control fairly quickly. Then we were on the way to the hotel.

Getting out of the taxi and up the curb was pretty funny. I hadn’t yet mastered stairs and required a lot of assistance to get up. Once inside the hotel I sat while we checked in. We got booked fairly close to the elevator so I didn’t have to hop around too much. My foot was pretty damn swollen and in pain by this point. But, I had to work, so there was no sleeping. This did not bode well for the next leg of our trip.

I was hella tired when I got up the next day to fly to Brazil. I hadn’t gotten even three hours of sleep and was super cranky. Insert a “Poor Mr. Lyndsy” here.

I barely made it to the counter at the airport. They brought me a wheelchair pretty quickly though and wheeled us through a bunch of different places and elevators to get us to the “lounge” for assisted passengers.

What got interesting was that the plane wasn’t on a jetway. They asked if I could take stairs and Rodrigo quickly told them now. This meant I had to be loaded into a cargo container and driven to the plane instead of taking a bus with everyone else. They raised the container up and I got onto the airplane on the opposite side that everyone else entered. It was hilarious. I’ve never been that close to an engine before.

I made the mistake of booking myself into a middle seat for the 14-hour flight. I hate a middle seat anyway, but when you’re trapped in a boot, it’s pretty much like torture. Mr. Lyndsy and I are both tall and pretty wide (not in a fat way really – at least him) so we were all up on each other during the flight. I hate being in bodily contact with someone for so long. The guy in front of me kept his seat reclined THE ENTIRE FLIGHT. His traveling partner was a complete bitch about my crutches waiting near her seat to be taken to the back and where my bag was.

Landing in Brazil has probably been the happiest I’ve been in a long time. As soon as the guy next to me got off the plane I lunged for his seat to give me and Mr. Lyndsy some space. I moved to the middle row of seats once most of the plane cleared out so Mr. Lyndsy could get our bags. They pretty much had a wheelchair waiting for us once we were ready to get off. We got pushed through the shortest line at passport control and were finally free of airports for a while!

Some days are better than others in terms of whether I can put more weight on my leg or not. I went for a walk today without the crutches and will now be using crutches for the rest of the day. My foot is screaming at me. The damn thing is pretty swollen too. Long flights do that to my right foot apparently. We’ve been icing it on and off to try to help the swelling, but the effect has been moderate at best. Some swelling doesn’t seem like it wants to go down…

Here’s the Frankenfoot:



Had my first real whoops today. I was trying to get out of my bathroom, but the drain on the floor caught my good foot and I lost my (already shitty) balance. 

I did what came naturally and put my bad foot down. 

I didn’t leave if there long and I didn’t feel much pain (just a scraping along the back of my leg), but it reminded me of just how careful I need to be as I try to navigate my way around. 

Friend popped in for a visit which was loads of fun. Getting around still irritates me leg, so the fact that I had to get up twice to go to the bathroom while she was here was not delightful. 

The cast is definitely rubbing something the wrong way. The doctor offered that if anything felt wrong or bad or under pressure that I could come back in before my two week appointment. Depending on whether I get used to how this feels, I may take him up on that. 

I told Mr. Lyndsy about my trip to the kitchen yesterday and he was displeased. He is so worried about me anyway, and then it’s compounded by the fact that he isn’t here to hover over me himself. Poor guy. I did tell him he was stressing me out by continuing to be upset after I told him I was okay. His response, “Like you aren’t stressing the husband out when you tell me these things!” Fair enough. 

How many more weeks do I have like this??

One Day at a Time


I feel like I should substitute a picture of my actual leg, but my foot looks pretty gross right now. Toes look like sausages and they’re covered in plaster. Anyway…

My leg is still numb, but only from the knee down now. I have the feeling back in my thigh. I suppose getting feeling back is a good thing, but I’m concerned about how my leg will feel once the numbness goes away given that I still have a decent amount of pain now. It’s mostly a throbbing pain, with occasional spikes of sharp pain if I move the wrong way. I can’t tell if the drugs they gave me are doing anything, but I’m choosing to believe they do.

The other problem (Warning: TMI ahead) is the effect that pain medications and anesthesia have on the stomach and exit system. It’s like there’s a big huge pile up and the tow trucks are slow to get the cars off the roadway. The good news is that the cars are finally starting to move off the roadway. (I have drugs to help.)

I have worked out a good heel-toe method of moving around without crutches, but it only works when there’s something for me to hold on to. So far that means it only works to get me to and from the bathroom. I may expand it out soon.

Emotionally I’m a little overwhelmed. I’m usually the person who’s helping other people. I HATE asking for help. I do not like not being able to do things on my own. The amount of pride I had for brushing my teeth and shaving my pits (it was beginning to be a forest) is ridiculous given how simple those things are. But trying to figure out how to stand without pain was a major accomplishment.

That there is another 6 weeks of this makes me want to cry. I’m going to have to look at this as a one day at a time situation or I will have a meltdown.


30-Day Project: May Wrap-Up/June Project

30-day Project

It’s not quite the end of May yet, and I will certainly finish out what I decided to, but I figure not much will change between now and then.

I started out the month tracking in the Weight Watchers app, but that got really stressful. I switched to just writing down what I eat in a notebook. It still serves the purpose of making me aware of what I’m eating, which is what I was hoping for. I trailed off in my water consumption toward the end of the month, and I can definitely feel the changes in my body so I am definitely going to go back to drinking more water.

Overall, I think this was pretty successful.

For June… I’m going to be pretty laid up most of the month, so it can’t be anything that requires physical activity. I’ve been meaning to blog more and get into a better habit of writing, so that’s my June 30-Day Project – a little something in the blog every day. It may not last like that after June, but I think it should help me get into a better routine with it. It’s also good because I want to document the surgery and my recovery.

Thanks for reading 🙂