Men do NOT get to tell women what makes them sexy

I got involved in a Facebook discussion about whether women should wear makeup. This is the original post:

I bet if women replaced their time putting make up on with push ups, squats, and sit ups, they wouldn’t feel the need for make up

Just no. That’s how I’m going to start this, just NO.

If women had sexier bodies they wouldn’t need to cover their faces with makeup? First, that doesn’t actually make sense. Bodies and faces are two very different things. Insecurity about one doesn’t necessarily mean insecurity about the other, nor does wearing makeup help if a woman feels insecure about her body.

Second, that suggests that women only wear makeup because they’re insecure. That’s just not the case. Most of the women I know who wear makeup do it because they feel like they’re highlighting their natural assets, or because they like color. As someone on the threat pointed out, there’s an ART FORM to it. Makeup, like the clothes we choose, the piercings or tattoos we have, are forms of self-expression.

Third, what a man finds sexy is IRRELEVANT. So many of the posts were about what MEN like. Um, here’s the thing. I don’t give a FLYING FUCK what men like. When I wear something it’s because *I* like it. ME ME ME. I’m not trying to impress anyone. I’m trying to be comfortable and happy with what I’ve got on. From head to toe, I’m doing what I’m doing because it makes ME feel good.


This is some of the most patriarchal fucking bullshit I have seen in a long time. Are you fucking kidding me? This is what you like so women should abide? Get the fuck out of here with that. If that’s what you like, you go ahead and find a woman who agrees with that. Don’t spread your shit like it’s the Gospel.

Are there women who wear makeup because they’re insecure? I am sure there are and that breaks my heart. I want women to be happy to be themselves. I hope one day they can find peace with themselves.

Men who say this shit think they’re HELPING. “Babe, focus on your body. Don’t worry about the makeup.” How about you step the fuck off? *I* control my body, not you. It is here to serve ME in this earthly life, NOT YOU.

Men, stop trying to control my body, my face, whatever. They aren’t here for you. I wasn’t born for your viewing pleasure. Worry about your own shit. Get a fucking hobby and leave me the hell alone.