A Food Challenge

Mr. Lyndsy left yesterday. After 40 fun days in the US he’s back in the sandbox. And I’m here. Without him.

However, he made our separation interesting. He told me that while we’re apart, I should work on eating better. I’ve got the working out thing down, but the next part is to change my food habits. This means eating fresher foods, avoiding processed foods, things high in sugar, and not too many carbs (especially the simple ones).

I know he’s right about this. That doesn’t mean I want to do it. Because you know, M&Ms, cupcakes, soda.

However, to not focus on us being apart and how much I absolutely LOATHE it, I decided it would be fun to see his reaction after I’d been at the gym for a month without him seeing me every day. It’s hard to see changes when you’re around someone every day, but a month? That can be quite a long time when you’re putting in the work like every day.

Eating better just ups the chances that the changes will be that much more dramatic. Which makes it exciting. Of course, I am NOT a patient person so when I hop on the scale tomorrow I’m going to pissed that I haven’t lost 10 pounds after just one day of healthy eating.

Yes, I know that’s irrational. But you should know that about me. I still believe unicorns.

Anyway, here’s to healthy eating for like 32 days. I’m looking at it sort of one day at a time. Because right now I’m hungry and all I can think about is candy.


I mean, I’m thinking about pineapple. Yeah, pineapple.

*I picked this picture because it made no sense. A pineapple just sunbathing on someone’s lawn??*


Going Mostly Meatless-ish

As you all know, my thing for this year is doing whatever makes me feel good. I read “Medical Medium” last year and one of the recommnedations for Type 2 diabetics was removing meat products to help save the body from having to digest it. This will help the body use sugar more productively.

I started doing that before the holidays and then everything went to shit. Well, I started taking the metformin again (I’d given it up for a while – I know, bad Lyndsy) and my stomach HATES it. It definitely does NOT feel good. So, I’m back to reducing my meat intake.

The thing is, I struggled only eating it once per day. It was still my lunch and dinner. I don’t know if it was the convenience of it,  (particularly frozen chicken nuggets) but it isn’t working.

To help me with this, I’ve decided to eat it no more than once per week. What this means is that I will probably eat it when I go out to eat since I struggle to find salads I like.

However, since I know that once per week for meat is unlikely and I don’t eat a lot of other foods that are high in protein, I’m going to allow myself to have shrimp a couple other It’s low in fat, but high in protein. I do appreciate the cholesterol risk associated with shrimp, but it’s not like I’m going to be eating a pound of it per day.

It’s going to take me a while to work down to this once/week thing. I have great hopes for how much better I’ll feel once I do it though. I know several people who have gone pescatarian and have felt so much better. I really don’t like fish though, so making that conversion isn’t really an option for me. And sometimes, I just want Chili’s chicken fajitas. Life isn’t long enough to skip that (unless they start making me feel like crap), so I won’t.

I guess we’ll see how this goes!

For those of you who have reduced your carnivorous tendencies, how’d it go?

An Order of Resentment with a Side of Frustration, Please

30-day Project

Right from day 1 I’ve been feeling like I hate tracking my food. HATE it. Because I resent that I can’t eat whatever I want without looking like a hippo. I get frustrated trying to continuously have food I like to eat that without getting bored.

When I track with Weight Watchers I feel like I HAVE to eat a certain way – basically all fresh veggies with chicken and shrimp almost exclusively. I feel like the Plan Manager is judging me for my choices and that makes me want to tell it to go fuck itself. The app even tells me that the tracker is much happier when I tell it about my food. Creepy much?

For those who have never used Weight Watchers, here’s how it works. You record what you eat into the Plan Manager. It’s pretty helpful and already includes a lot of foods, including restaurant foods. The Plan Manager then converts the nutritional information into a point value. Based on your gender, weight, and goals, you have a certain number of points you can eat each day and you get 49 extra points to use over the course of the week. You weigh in once per week. Your daily point number is adjusted based on your weight.

They changed the system a while ago when they finally acknowledged that eating an apple isn’t the same as eating as 100 calorie snack pack, even though they both have the same calories. Now most fruits and veggies don’t cost you any points and as long as you don’t go apeshit on them, you’ll still lose weight.

The whole point of Weight Watchers isn’t to force you into a particular way of eating. It’s really about helping you make choices about what you’re eating so you can see, quickly and easily, the cost of the food you do eat. They give you extra points so you can indulge from time to time. It’s an algorithm to make eating in moderation easier.

I finally realized this weekend that I was missing the point. This isn’t a race to some finish. It’s more about being able to see the big picture of the food I eat and figuring out how to make things balance. Sure, I can have a burger and fries for lunch, but I probably need to have a salad for dinner that night and I shouldn’t really have that burger and fries too many times during the week.

 I also decided that for a week or so I’d eat the way I always do to see what it looks like and get a feel for why I was turning into a blimp.

So yesterday I indulged a gross amount at the mall. The fact that I felt like crap for overeating and eating stuff that’s not great for me probably should have been enough of an indicator that it wasn’t a great way to eat. But seeing how I used up all my daily points and then almost all of my weekly points really hammered it home. (Fortunately it was the end of the week so I get all my weekly points back today!)

Anyway, I’m a lot calmer now. No need to tell website where it can take itself.