Surgery Day! (Part III)

It took over an hour and a half after they got me before I ended up in the OR, so the surgery started about 3pm. Once I got the night night drugs it took about a minute before I was out. 

I woke up in the recovery room around 6:30 in a good deal of pain. My whole right leg hurt, yet felt numb at the same time. My right leg being numb freaked me out a lot since that’s how I woke up from the spinal fusion and we all know where that led. I did eventually remember hearing the surgeon ask the anesthesiologist if he wanted to wait to do something to me leg until after the general anesthesia. I’m pretty sure it was about numbing my right leg for the procedure. That made me feel a lot better.  I always forget how disorienting it is to wake up after general anesthesia. 

That didn’t really wear off until about 10pm after I got a bit of a nap. Mr. Lyndsy hung out with me for a couple of hours before I gave him my cell phone and asked him to charge it in the car. He got a bite to eat and came back. 

That was about the same time I learned that I would *not* be going home tonight, which really upset me. I do not enjoy spending the night in the hospital because you really don’t get any rest. Also, because of the cast, they aren’t letting me out of bed until someone trains me on crutches, which won’t happen until tomorrow. So bedpans it is. I HATE using bedpans. I hate the feeling of peeing myself. 

They even mentioned that I may have to stay another night. It all depends on whether they feel like I can get around on my own. Thankfully I’ve been practicing with the crutches, so I’m hopeful I will go home tomorrow. I’m in a shared room and the woman next to me has loads of things that make tons of noises. I just got a shot or morphine so I’m aiming to get to sleep quickly. 

Thank you to everyone who has been sending positive thoughts my way. I do feel like they make a difference!