Surgery Day! (Part I)

i never remember things on the days I have surgery, so I’m going to try to write about the day as I go. 

I didn’t sleep at all last night. I didn’t get released from the hospital until almost 11pm. Once we finally got home I had stuff to pick up, dishes to wash, a puzzle to finish, and to take a shower with the hospital soap. 

I guess I was too keyed up to sleep, so it didn’t happen. Mr. Lyndsy was exhausted but it even took him a while to fall asleep. 

We got back to the hospital just after 5am. They still don’t have any idea when I’ll be going in, and they told me that they only know 15 minutes before I go in. 

I am trying to figure out whether I should try to sleep now or stay awake in the hope that I am the first surgery. 

I had also forgotten how much I hate these:

I wonder if this one  will leave a scar too.