Super Lyndsy

One of my favorite things about big life events (happy – moving, getting married, a new job or less – death of a close friend or family member, divorce, losing a job) is that you get the feeling that starting over or making some changes is totally normal. Obviously we could choose to start something new or start over at any point. But, when it’s in conjunction with a major life event, it feels different and makes more sense to those around us.

Getting married and moving 8000 miles away from the country I’ve called home my whole life feels like a great time to turn the page to a new chapter in my life. Hell, it’s almost like going to another part of the book, not just a chapter. In the next part of The Book of Lyndsy, I’m hoping going to make some great changes in my life. (Hoping is about as effective as wishing or wanting when it comes to change in your life. What’s that saying – Want in one hand and shit in the other and see which fills up faster.)

Anyway, back to the change we can change in the change we hold dear (at 1:19). The way I see it is that life is broken down into the Big Three areas: Health, family/personal, and job/money. When one of these areas is suffering we can often get by, but if two or more are out of whack we end up feeling like complete and utter shit. Depression sets in and everything seems overwhelming. Over the last year and a half, all of my Big Three  have been out of alignment. I didn’t have much of a personal life, working as a lawyer was extremely stressful and not particularly fulfilling  (difficult clients and colleagues will do that) and not  helpful to my financial situation (I cried when I made student loan payments), and my health took a nose dive (Type 2 diabetes, thyroid condition, and major back surgery with post-surgery complications).

Then I met Mr. Lyndsy. Shortly after that, I went to the doctor to figure out what in the world was making me fatigued and awful all the time. I’m still sorting through some of the health stuff, but I feel a little better. Recovery from surgery is just going to take a while. Foot drop sucks, but I finally found a way to walk where I don’t look like a horse and I don’t trip over my foot (most of the time anyway). My neurosurgeon is hopeful that in a year to 18 months the nerve will regenerate and I’ll be totally fine. I left life as a lawyer in May of this year and I now work for a lawyer in a support capacity, which is infinitely better than lawyering. (If you ask the lawyer I work for, she’d agree wholeheartedly.)

For me, it’s not enough that the Big Three are stable. I’m big on personal development. I want to take what I have going on right now to the next level. I won’t lie, I’ve tried this in the past. I often usually lack dedication. I know it, but obviously just admitting that doesn’t do much (see above re: shitting in hand). It’s time to commit to myself and become a better Lyndsy. I’m very fortunate that I’m in a place where I have the freedom and support to do it. I don’t like the idea of squandering that opportunity, so I won’t.

Over the next few days I’ll outline my plans for becoming Super Lyndsy. I’m counting on you all to help keep me in line!