Sometimes you don’t know how you’re really going to feel about a thing until you get confirmation that it’s going to happen. My uterus and I have been at odds for a really long time now and I’ve been pretty positive about moving forward with getting it the fuck out of my body.

Well, I went to the doctor on Saturday to review the results of the Pap smear and discuss the plan. The doctor asked me if I still wanted to go forward with surgery. I explained to her that I’d done more research on IUDs and that I am quite certain they are not the solution for me.


My uterus is being evicted on October 22! SIX MORE DAYS and then ding, dong, the bitch is gone!


I’m thinking about throwing an eviction party.

I am not excited that they have to do an abdominal hysterectomy, but because of the anterior lumbar fusion, they don’t have a choice. The recovery time is 4-8 weeks instead of 2-4 weeks and I need to take it easier. I don’t get to vacuum for 6 weeks. (Vacuuming is my favorite chore.)

Of course, at this point, if they told me they needed to detach my head to do it I would probably be all for it.

Anyway, I’m freakin’ stoked!