Reading Recommendation: Chick Lit – Jojo Moyes

As part of the 2015 Reading Challenge, I picked up a copy of Me Before You, by Jojo Moyes. The cover was pink and black and that’s often all I need to pick up a chick lit book. What I didn’t expect was how moved I was by the book. It was long and emotionally challenging. I cried. Not a little. The story is just that moving. The sequel, After You, has been published and I cannot wait to read it (after the millions of people who are ahead of me on the hold list finish with it).

Since I loved Me Before You, I checked out reviews on other books written by Moyes. All had absolutely rave reviews. I went to check another out at the library and discovered that about a thousand other people had figured out the same thing I had. I finally got One Plus One and read it.

I don’t think I like it as much as I liked Me Before You. However, Me Before You was *really* intense. Almost overwhelmingly so at times. I’m not sure I could have handled that kind of book right now. One Plus One is still serious, but a lot more light-hearted. The writing is still really high quality so I got through the book pretty quickly. For me that’s not usually a sign that the book is bad. I know that it is for some people. They feel like they can’t get any substance from a book that only takes a few hours, but for me it’s a sign that the story is compelling. It usually means I’m too intrigued to put it down.

I am really looking forward to more of her books, especially After You. If you’re in the market for Chick Lit and want something that’s well written and interesting, find your way to a Jojo Moyes book!