Random Thoughts: When Idols Become Human


I finished “The Fault in Our Stars” by John Green yesterday. Since I’m so late to the game on the book I doubt I’ll be spoiling anything for anyone by saying that the main character is disappointed when she meets the author of the book by which she lives her life.

It got me thinking about Mr. Lyndsy telling me he met one of his football (read: soccer) idols and was incredibly disappointed by the encounter.

I have often thought that there were certain people I’d never want to meet, lest they ruin my image of them. It’s usually actors/actresses I find hilarious. I don’t want to find out that they’re just really good actors and not funny at all. Or that they’re phenomenal douchebags.

But, what dawned on me yesterday is that it’s actually a good thing that we see them as imperfect and human. We set them apart and look at what they do as something we can’t achieve. The reality is that we can achieve it. It’s only when we see them as human that we understand that.

So, Benedict Cumberbatch, let me know when you want to hang out, I’ll make it happen.