Random Things #1

I anticipate posting a lot of randomness here, so I figured I would try numbering them. I think this will last for maybe two more posts before I forget where I am with the numbering. Anyway…

  1. I have managed to avoid screaming at people when Mr. Lyndsy and I go to the movies. People walk into crowded movies 45 minutes after they start  (thanks to reserving seats when you buy the tickets online) and spend a good portion of the movie talking to each other or doing something on their phones.
  2. I have handled more raw meat since I moved here than pretty much in my entire life. (No, that is not a sexual euphemism.) I hate handling raw meat, especially chicken. However, we are really enjoying chicken fried rice and it requires that I cut up the chicken. On a related note, I have managed to avoid chopping off any of my fingers in the process. Trust me that is no small feat.
  3. I figured out how to make the oven work. That sounds like it’s not a big deal, but I’m not used to cooking with gas. Mr. Lyndsy hadn’t used the oven before I got here (yeah, I have no idea how that hadn’t happened), and I really wanted to bake some cookies. We both stared at the oven expecting it to magically go on. He was getting ready to call his mom, when I figured out how to stick the fire stick into the oven while holding the temperature gauge down. I managed not to blow us up. And the cookies were delicious.
  4. I have learned that I can go 23 hours without sleeping before I am completely loopy. I don’t know if it’s that I’m not adjusting to the time change or if I just really hate mornings so much that the only way I can deal with being awake while they’re happening is if I haven’t been to sleep yet.  Not having to be at work in the mornings may not be the best thing to happen to me.
  5. Mr. Lyndsy and I are still happily married. The other day he said, sounding surprised, “We’re married!” Like he wasn’t there when we signed the paperwork?
  6. I have not yet melted despite the fact that the temperature is easily above 100 degrees during the day and we’ve gotten a nasty wave of humidity. I likened it to being stuck in some guy’s jock strap. Yes, it’s that unpleasant.
  7. I’m beyond excited that Cold Stone’s Cake Batter Ice Cream finally made its way here. Though I have acquired the ice cream attachment for my KitchenAid and I have discovered a recipe for cake batter ice cream. My dependence on Cold Stone for its deliciousness my finally be nearing an end. (Assuming I can actually get the proper drive assembly for the attachment that is. Apparently KitchenAid didn’t really mean it when they said that the attachment fit ALL stand mixers except two that no one has anymore.
  8. I make pretty damn good fresh pasta. Mr. Lyndsy and I ate 600 grams of it the other night. This does not bode well for my thighs or stomach (see above re: Cold Stone and cookies).
  9. Hanging laundry in your home to dry isn’t as weird as I thought it would be. Yeah, there aren’t any dryers here. So we hang the clothes in the living room to dry. We have racks, it’s not like I had to string up a line. Still, it’s a bit weird. On the plus side, things don’t seem like they’re fading quite as much.
  10. The people here really can’t drive. Amazingly enough I’ve only seen one accident and it wasn’t even while were on a major road. It was just a guy who can’t park his big ass SUV. Like two-thirds of the people here drive Toyota Land Cruisers. Given how most of them park and drive, they really ought to be driving a Fiat 500.

Land Cruiservs. Fiat 500

(Image)                                            (Image)

Anyway, wish me continued success on not setting our place on fire and keeping all my digits attached!