Put Your Money Where Your Hateful Mouth Is

No Love

Anti-marriage advocates (I shall call them anti-lovers) complain about how they’re being persecuted. Their religious freedoms are being invaded by the mere existence of the option for same-sex couples to get married. I have yet to figure out how that works.

The main argument appears to be that businesses and business owners are being fined when they discriminate against same sex couples who want their services. Let’s be real here, if the couples had known that they were dealing with bigots, they probably wouldn’t have approached them in the first place. I wouldn’t.

But really, nothing is happening to the anti-lovers. It’s not like the companies who support marriage equality are refusing to provide products or services to the anti-lovers. Perhaps if they did, they’d finally understand what they’re doing to other human beings.

If anti-lovers really wanted to put some oomph in their beliefs, they should start boycotting all the companies who support love and stood for marriage equality. It would mean some drastic changes to their lives though.

They pretty much wouldn’t be able to use a computer at all since Microsoft, Cisco, Intel, and Apple are pro-love. Cell phones would be out entirely unless you can find something not run on Android, iOS, or Windows. They wouldn’t be able to spew their hate-filled and discriminatory messages on Facebook or Twitter either. Not sure how they’re going to email either since Google is in the pro-love camp too. I guess they can all buy their own domains and send mail from there – bigot@ihatelove.com may still be available.

Sam’s Choice Cola would be what they had to drink, since both Pepsi and Coca-Cola stand for love. Say goodby to Oreos, Chips Ahoy, Nabisco products, and and delicious Nutter Butter cookies. General Mills is out too. And the java fix will have to come from somewhere other than Starbucks.

All those hateful business owners would have to start buying their office supplies from someone other than Staples and Office Depot. They’ll have to switch to a phone company other than Verizon or AT&T. Bank of America, JPMorgan Chase, American Express, TD Bank, Citigroup and WellsFargo wouldn’t want their business either. I guess companies besides Xerox make a copier.

Travel gets a lot harder when you can’t use Orbitz to book trips and when you can’t fly American Airlines, Alaska Airlines, Delta or United Airlines. Also, I don’t know about you, but I like staying at Hilton and Marriott hotels.

Anti-lovers would have to get used to looking funky walking around because they wouldn’t be able to buy anything made by Johnson & Johnson or Proctor & Gamble. Estee Lauder wouldn’t want to make you pretty. Levi Strauss and American Apparel aren’t going to put clothes on their backs.

Convenience shopping would be gone too – eBay and Amazon are all about the rainbow. Hope you like Walmart, because Target’s bullseye isn’t just red. Electronic Arts video games would be banned too.

And let’s not forget a big one – The Walt Disney Company. Hope the anti-lovers’ kids don’t want to go to the happiest and most magical places on Earth or see any good animated movies. The kids are out of luck if they’re fans of The Muppets too. Ms. Piggy and Kermit don’t want anything to do with their hate either.

Yeah, the anti-lovers would pitch a fit if these companies started treating them like they treat the LGBT community. Somehow they’re allowed to discriminate under the First Amendment, but no one else is. Not that those of us on the other side probably would. We get that the First Amendment wasn’t meant to be used as a weapon of persecution.

*A more complete list of companies who stand for marriage equality can be found here.