Perhaps a little psychotic

I can already tell I’m going to have trouble devoting time to writing. Some of it has been that I’m still adjusting to the time difference and occasionally been waking up only in time to check some email and then start working… at 4pm. We forced ourselves to get up yesterday in the morning just to see if we could make ourselves get onto some kind of more “normal” schedule and I had a manicure/pedicure today at 11am to continue that. Well, it’s 1:45am and I am still WIDE awake.

Some of it is that Mr. Lyndsy’s off work for 10 days and I love hanging out with him more than anything else. We play video games, watch TV shows on DVD, and watch movies or sporting events. We both love shopping, even grocery shopping, so we do that together too.

But I also know that I am just not great at committing myself to writing… unless there’s a community deadline. Like National Novel Writing Month. Do you see where this is going?

I love the pressure of 50,000 words in a month. And it’s in November! Where there is Thanksgiving and Black Friday shopping! And I did it while I was working full-time. Surely I can do it now.

If I were a writer who planned this wouldn’t be so easy. But, I’m not. I’ve tried that. It failed miserably.When I tried to plan, even the main ending of a story, the story went somewhere else. I don’t have kids, so this could be way off, but the way I see my stories is how I think parents see their kids, or at least the way I think my mom saw me. You have this idea how the story how your kid is supposed to grow up, but inevitably, the kid figures himself or herself out, and does what he or she wants to do because it’s what he or she is interested in. It may not be anything you’ve ever conceived. So, rather than try to sculpt this into something, I’m going to let the pottery make itself.

The good part about this plan is that since I’m not counting on a publisher to like me, I don’t have to worry about my book being any one way or another. I won’t publish it if it’s total shit, but at the same time, before it can be published it has to be written.

Beginning August 1st, I will write 50,000 words per month. For those of you who aren’t crazy enough to have tried National Novel Writing Month, this means an average of 1,667 words per day. Wish me luck. Or, if you want to be really helpful, leave some story ideas below!


  1. I think it would be great just to hear how you met your man, moved to a far away place and how you will or are going to learn the culture and everything that comes with it.

  2. Personally I’d love to hear details on your new life. Briefly tell how you met, got married and moved far away. I would love to hear about what you see, how you feel, what strikes you as different or the same there, etc.

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