My leg is FREEEEE! (Video too!)


I don’t think it’s possible for me to convey how excited I am to be out of the casts. I now have the freedom to wash my leg, scratch an itch. However, my excitement is a bit derailed by where my leg is right now.

For starters, I think they put the last cast on a bit too tight. As soon as the cast came off, Mr. Lyndsy commented that the bottom of my foot looked bruised.


Not sure if that’s because of the cast or the surgery, but it feels pretty not great. When the doc was cutting off the cast, the vibrations from the buzz caused loads of pain near my big toe, where I don’t have much feeling in the first place.

My leg is super atrophied. The doctor said within 2 weeks it’ll look like normal again. Just a matter of getting back to using it. But ugh.


And then I tried to walk on it. HOLY SHITBALLS PEOPLE. THAT FUCKING HURT. They want me to go straight from being non-weightbearing for SIX WEEKS to walking like normal. Not fucking happening. I took two steps and the pain just raged in my foot. I plan on using crutches for a bit until my leg gets used to being a support again. They’re crazy.

I am still trapped in a boot almost 24 hours/day. I only get to take it out to practice picking up my foot. But at least I can get my leg the attention it needs now!


But the important question is whether it was all worth it – all the pain, time in the cast, etc. I’ll let you be the judge.

That’s me, picking my foot up! I still have a long way to go before everything is really okay, but things are moving in the right direction.

Thanks for the support and encouragement as I’ve gone through this the last almost 18 months. It’s been a long, pain in the ass road.