Or how about some personal responsibility?

Was scrolling through my Facebook feed when I saw this:

Dear restaurants of Doha💜💜💜,

Please stop us serving free bread before the meal. It’s delicious and very generous of you. But hard to resist and impossible to stick to a no-bread lifestyle for damsels in distress. Just to let you know they don’t do this in many other countries. Thank you for understanding.

Best regards,
A loyal customer

Saying no isn’t always easy. I’m fat. I get it. While some of my weight may be attributable to health issues, some of it is simply because I do not say no when certain foods are put in my face – Peanut Butter M&Ms are a good example. I also love bread.

However, if I don’t want to eat something, I *can* say no. I can ask them not to bring it. When a server goes to put it on the table, I can refuse it. I do it all the time with the sauces they serve at PF Chang’s. It’s not fucking rocket science. If you can say no before it ever gets to the table, life gets a lot easier.

Learning to say “no” has some great benefits. Instead of being a victim to what may be come at us, we take control over it. We take control over what goes into our bodies. We take control over our personal space. We take control over our time.

I absolutely abhor the lack of personal responsibility we seem to be demonstrating these days. It is not up to any restaurant to figure out what we should or shouldn’t eat. It’s not up to any business to sell products that are healthy for us. They’re simply meeting a demand. That’s their business. It is up to US to say that we don’t want something. We have the power when we refuse to buy their products.

If you don’t want bread, JUST FUCKING SAY NO.