Had my first real whoops today. I was trying to get out of my bathroom, but the drain on the floor caught my good foot and I lost my (already shitty) balance. 

I did what came naturally and put my bad foot down. 

I didn’t leave if there long and I didn’t feel much pain (just a scraping along the back of my leg), but it reminded me of just how careful I need to be as I try to navigate my way around. 

Friend popped in for a visit which was loads of fun. Getting around still irritates me leg, so the fact that I had to get up twice to go to the bathroom while she was here was not delightful. 

The cast is definitely rubbing something the wrong way. The doctor offered that if anything felt wrong or bad or under pressure that I could come back in before my two week appointment. Depending on whether I get used to how this feels, I may take him up on that. 

I told Mr. Lyndsy about my trip to the kitchen yesterday and he was displeased. He is so worried about me anyway, and then it’s compounded by the fact that he isn’t here to hover over me himself. Poor guy. I did tell him he was stressing me out by continuing to be upset after I told him I was okay. His response, “Like you aren’t stressing the husband out when you tell me these things!” Fair enough. 

How many more weeks do I have like this??