One Day at a Time


I feel like I should substitute a picture of my actual leg, but my foot looks pretty gross right now. Toes look like sausages and they’re covered in plaster. Anyway…

My leg is still numb, but only from the knee down now. I have the feeling back in my thigh. I suppose getting feeling back is a good thing, but I’m concerned about how my leg will feel once the numbness goes away given that I still have a decent amount of pain now. It’s mostly a throbbing pain, with occasional spikes of sharp pain if I move the wrong way. I can’t tell if the drugs they gave me are doing anything, but I’m choosing to believe they do.

The other problem (Warning: TMI ahead) is the effect that pain medications and anesthesia have on the stomach and exit system. It’s like there’s a big huge pile up and the tow trucks are slow to get the cars off the roadway. The good news is that the cars are finally starting to move off the roadway. (I have drugs to help.)

I have worked out a good heel-toe method of moving around without crutches, but it only works when there’s something for me to hold on to. So far that means it only works to get me to and from the bathroom. I may expand it out soon.

Emotionally I’m a little overwhelmed. I’m usually the person who’s helping other people. I HATE asking for help. I do not like not being able to do things on my own. The amount of pride I had for brushing my teeth and shaving my pits (it was beginning to be a forest) is ridiculous given how simple those things are. But trying to figure out how to stand without pain was a major accomplishment.

That there is another 6 weeks of this makes me want to cry. I’m going to have to look at this as a one day at a time situation or I will have a meltdown.