Next 30-Day Project?

30-day Project

I have really enjoyed blogging every day. I think it’s been a great outlet for me – I’ve been writing and I’ve been able to chronicle what’s going on with my tendon transfer. On that front, things are much the same. If I’m vertical my foot gets mad. It’s happy when I lay down.

But now I need to come up with the next 30-day project. I’ve gotten some good suggestions – meditation and/or breathing exercises, sending a postcard every day (ecard style), trying a new recipe or baking something every day. The deal for July is that for a good portion of the month I will still be in this case and not able to exercise or move much.

Any thoughts or ideas? I have a friend who had a goal to draw something new every day. I like to draw, but I’m kind of shit at it. I guess practice could be good.

I could do a different kind of writing – fictional prompts maybe?

Any thoughts? Anything you guys would love to see me try to do for a month?