Justice is My Jam!

As you know, I’ve been doing a writing prompt per day in order to get my creative juices flowing. I was telling a friend how excited I am that I’d finally found some flow in the writing. I was describing the four I’d written since my hands started flying over the keyboard again and I noticed that all four had the same theme: Justice.

It wasn’t exactly all the same form of justice – woman avenging her brother’s death, a leprechaun helping right a situation where a man conned a woman out of almost all her money AND saddled her with enormous debt, a Shadow who’s fighting the Mango Mussolini any way she can, and a woman who decides to give up her life for eternity as a magical being as long as she commits to fighting oppression and inequality.

I never know what I’m going to write before I sit down and do it. Even when I have a vague idea, my brain tells my hands what to do and it’s not always (or usually) what I thought at first. I’m not surprised that this is a theme that emerged, since it is an orienting direction in my life.

I do love that it came out subconsciously as well. It’s like saying that you would do X in any given situation, but you don’t actually know, since you haven’t been tested, and then being tested and learning that, yes, you will actually do X. People have wondered what they would do if they were faced with the same kind of authoritarian situation that people in Germany did with Hitler’s rise. Am I the type of person who provides a safe place or safe passage for Jews? Now is certainly a time for people to figure that out as Trump takes us to places the US swore it wouldn’t go. (Didn’t we already do this once?)

Now that I see the theme I don’t know if it’ll keep popping up. It’s like a dream lingering when you wake – the more you try to figure out what it means, the fuzzier it gets. I guess we’ll just have to wait and see.

Do you see subconscious themes in your life and what you do?

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