Just when you think LuLaRoe couldn’t get any worse… Racism!

Yet another lawsuit was filed against LuLaRoe in mid-January.

Stubblefield v. LuLaRoe & Casas, California Superior Court Riverside County, Case Number: 1801304.

Allegations: One of the warehouse employees is suing for a hostile work environment, retaliation, discrimination, failure to prevent discrimination, wrongful termination, failure to provide meal and rest breaks, violation of business and professions code, intentional infliction of emotional distress, and negligent infliction of emotional distress.

The plaintiff is a black man who alleges that several employees, but one in particular, regularly and frequently made jokes offensive to black people. These included stereotypical references to Kevin Hart, food choices, and black hair. On one occasion, employees sang a slave spiritual song and LuLaRoe did nothing to stop them. Additionally, the “n-word” was used without any consequence.

Plaintiff made complaints to human resources, but nothing was done to alleviate the situation. Instead, human resources retaliated by writing up the plaintiff and eventually firing him.

If the statements were made as alleged, then this is a very serious case. That kind of behavior is not tolerated in a workplace. I’m not sure whether LuLaRoe will settle this quickly. There are a number of other suits by employees alleging workplace labor violations that are still pending.

Welp. I wish I could say I’m surprised, but I’m not. The more I pay attention to LuLaRoe, the more I’m disgusted. I’ve heard a number of disturbing things recently.

Directing consultants to use sex to stop husbands complaining about how much they buy
I have recently learned that on the cruise LuLaRoe books for top Retailers, Retailers were told that if they just spent “3-5 minutes on their knees” their husbands would be compliant and not care about how much LuLaRoe they bought.

Lead designer doesn’t have the resume consultants were told he has
Their rockstar designed, Patrick Wignet, was touted as being the former designer for Anthropologie and also as having designed clothing for celebrities. Turns out, that may not be true. In fact, he’s a family friend of the LuLaRoe leadership – he knows Justin, Amelia’s husband. Their whole fraudulent enterprise seems to be entirely about promoting themselves and those close to them.

LuLaRoe prints aren’t even close to original design
This would also explain why their designs, especially the really cute ones, weren’t original LuLaRoe designs. I for one had no idea that Patrick’s team wasn’t actually creating the designs themselves. Rather, they all seem to be derivative of other works, if not outright copies. You can see artist watermarks on some of the prints. Derivative LuLaRoe seeks out the original artists to see whether LuLaRoe paid for licenses to use their work. In many cases, LuLaRoe did not.

Recycle worn clothes
I’ve also heard that DeAnne Stidham encourages Retailers to buy clothing taggers so that they can reattach tags after they’ve been worn. Yes, you read that right. Who knows if you’ll be getting an actual new item. It also makes me wonder what they do with the returns, even those that are defective.

It seems to just keep piling up against LuLaRoe. It is their own fault. They seem concerned only with making money and not caring what happens to anyone else. If the business collapsed right now, Mark & DeAnne Stidham and their family would probably still be pretty rich. There doesn’t seem to be a downside for them.

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