How we know rape culture exists

There’s been some debate about whether rape culture exists in the United States. The 2016 election should remove all doubt.

Nate Silver showed maps of the electoral college if only men voted (Trump victory) and if only women voted (Hillary victory). There are probably a variety of reasons for this. Afterwards the hashtag #repealthe19th  started trending.

Confusingly, WOMEN were using it.

Yes, you read that correctly – women stated that they would give up their right to vote if it meant Trump would win the election.

Obviously I’m confused about why ANYONE would vote for Trump at this point, let alone women. He’s on the record that he sexually assaults women and can do it because he’s famous. Gross.

This is troubling on a deep level. Women in the United States think they have so little value that they would give up their right to vote. The right that blacks and women fought so hard to get. They would vote for a man who has expressly indicated that he can take sexual advantage of any woman he wants because he’s famous. They think so little of themselves that they’re okay with someone sexually assaulting them.

That’s not okay. We are worth so much more than that. We are not just our bodies. We are not just sexual playthings for men.

We are smart. We are worthy. We are game changers. We deserve love. We deserve respect.

When next you run into a woman who is voting or Trump or says she’s okay with repealing the 19th Amendment, remind her of everything she is. Remind her that she’s important. Remind her that we are not second to men. That we are equals.

If all that fails, remind her to vote on November 28.



  1. “If all that fails, remind her to vote on November 28.” This is the best quote!
    This whole situation is horrifying to me!!

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