I am thrilled to be home. But I am already seeing how difficult this is really going to be. I sort of can’t do anything for myself. I can get to the bathroom, but getting on and off the can is tricky.

I cannot cook anything for myself. I can’t bring the dish back to the kitchen after I’m done with it. I already had a little slip with the crutches. Tile + Dust = Slick floor. Slick floor + Crutches = Whoops. It probably doesn’t help that I am exhausted and still a little woozy from the morphine and anesthesia. I’m not doing so great with being upright.

At one point I really did think that I would be able to stay home by myself while Mr. Lyndsy travels for his course. Ehrmagerd I was so wrong about that.

I’ve been cranky and snapping at Mr. Lyndsy all day. I know I’m doing it and I tried to stop, but it just kept happening. I was tired of being in the hospital. Tired of having people bother me. The nurse this morning made me nuts. Very nice but kind of useless. The woman in the space next to me was elderly and I think pretty ill. But someone was visiting her had prayer on from the time I got there until I left. Then she would randomly make sounds and it startled me. I needed to be home.

And now I am. In my own bed. Waiting for the pain meds to kick in. Debating taking more. Desperate for a nap. My leg is still numb which feels super weird. Hopefully it goes back to normal soon. Unless that means extra pain coming my way. Then it can just stay numb.

Y’all have been great about sending positive thoughts and energy my way. Please send some to Mr. Lyndsy and give him the patience to put up with my crankiness until I can get it under control.