Hiding from the Sun

Having grown up in the State of Florida, I thought I knew what there was to know about living in hot places. I hated almost every minute of the oppressive heat and humidity. In recent years the winters haven’t even provided much relief.

And then I moved to the Middle East desert. NOW I know what hot is. It’s almost the middle of October and it’s still over 100 degrees regularly. There’s just something not right about that. I keep hearing that things will cool off, but every time I check the forecast it just doesn’t seem to be happening. Of course, when the people here talk about the early cooling off, they mean temps regularly in the 90s, rather than hot enough to boil water.

The crazy temperatures combined with the fact that I can’t wear a pair of shorts outside means that I haven’t been out exploring the city all that much. When it cools down, I plan on heading out to get some pictures of the buildings and landscape. Of course, one flat area of the desert pretty much looks like same as another, but I’ll try to grab some pictures.

I think one of the things I’m always struck by is the number of phallic structures around. And when I get a chance, those are what I usually take pictures of. Like The Torch.

The Torch


And there’s more where that came from. When it stops being so damn hot outside.