Here we go, again


We went back to the doctor this morning to get a new surgery date. I apparently wasn’t paying much attention the last time we went to the doctor because the next surgery date is Thursday, June 11th, not the 16th like I’d been thinking.

That meant that we went with admission paperwork to the hospital today for admission today or tomorrow. I didn’t get a call from them today, and I wasn’t able to speak with the bed coordinator, but the person who is apparently in the know about who’s getting admitted said he didn’t have paperwork for me. I will call the bed coordinator back tomorrow morning to check however.

So we’ll see. I have low expectations (and by low, I mean none) about getting in for surgery on Thursday. Obviously I would love it if I could, but I’m being realistic.

Last night Mr. Lyndsy and I were talking about it and he said that it all seemed to be going too smoothly. I begged to differ, given that we’ve been working on this since February, but I could see his point.

Anyway, we’ll see what happens!