Health Update – Progress on my back!

I went in to see the foot surgeon yesterday and spent five hours (yes, FIVE) at the clinic yesterday between waiting to be seen and waiting for a referral form and prescription. Good thing is that I think it may have been worth it.

The point of the appointment was to look at the MRI I had done at the end of February to make sure there wasn’t any nerve impingement that was causing the pain in my leg. I didn’t think there would be, but it’s good to make sure. I also wanted to see if we could figure out what’s causing my continued low back pain.

I was shocked to see that I still have trace bulges at the L4-S1. I figured once they did the fusion that wouldn’t be an issue anymore. The surgeon didn’t seem concerned since a lot of people live with trace bulges.

That may be true for most people, but for someone like me, with a congenitally narrow spinal canal, it’s not great to have anything that pushes in. Especially since across from where the discs are, I have some inflammation. Overall, this contributes to a pushing in on the nerve roots.

Because I do have continued pain, the orthopedic surgeon referred me to another doctor who specializes in the spine. That appointment is set for mid-April. Hopefully he and I can come up with a pain plan. He may want me to go back to physical therapy, which would be great. It did help before. I’ve also had epidural steroid injections (those didn’t help though and I ended up feeling weird the next day).

In order to deal with the nerve pain in my leg (since we know it’s not radicular pain from my back, the foot doctor gave me a 30-day prescription for Lyrica. I don’t know if I was just wiped out yesterday or if it was the Lyrica, but I had one of the best nights of sleep I’ve had in a while. I’ve read some great things about Lyrica, so I hope I feel the effects too!

April should be a good month for health progress – I start shockwave treatments and the spine doc should be able to help. I also head back to the endocrinologist. Maybe he’ll finally address my fatigue.