Happy Birthday, Mr. Lyndsy!

Mr. Lyndsy,

This is our fourth birthday together! We’ve been married for almost three years and in that time you haven’t even come close to killing me, I don’t think anyway.

Thank you for your patience. So many things have not been what I expected they would be. I never thought my body was going to get worse than it was when I met you, even after the back surgery. Now I’m all depressed, anxious, and medicated. It’s getting better, but it’s a battle every day. My pain spirals out of control and then goes back to being something I can sort of tolerate. No matter what happens, you’re there for me. You do what you can to help me be the best I can, even when I don’t want it.

You keep telling me that you want me to be healthy so that we can grow old together. If you’re really that interested in wiping up my drool and changing my diapers, I guess I can work on it.

To many more years of who knows what!


Your favorite (read: only) Wife