Discovering new in the old

I love classical music. I’m not sure if it was the piano lessons I took from 5-14 or if it’s just the music itself. I can spend hours getting lost in it. My favorites are Beethoven’s “Moonlight Sonata” and “5th Symphony,” Vivaldi’s “Four Seasons,” and Tchaikovsky’s “1812 Overture,” the last being important to today’s tale.

I love Mr. Lyndsy with all my heart, but occasionally I want to smother him with his own pillow. We don’t know why yet, but he snores. Last night was terrible. I tried plugging my ears, but I could still hear it. If it were a bit softer, I may be able to fall asleep, but it’s not. At all.

I tried Enya, but it didn’t work. So I switched over to the “1812 Overture.” In the past I’ve used music for meditation. I find an instrument, focus on it, and follow it through the song. Last night I was focusing to avoid killing my husband.

That’s when I heard it. A new instrument I hadn’t heard before. After literally years of listening, this was the first time I’d heard it. It’s softer than many, but very present. It was beautiful.

Hearing it reminded me of scene in the movie Clue. If you haven’t seen it, just stop reading now. Go watch the movie and come back. For those of you who love it like it deserves to be loved, read. I have been watching the movie since I was 8, and a conservative estimate is that I’ve seen it 50 times.

This gem happens while they all have dinner:

Mrs. White So what do you do, Professor?
Professor Plum I work for UNO, the United Nations Organization.
Colonel Mustard Another politician. Jesus!
Professor Plum No, I work for a branch of UNO. W.H.O., the World Health Organization.

I did not hear until I was in my 20s that Professor Plum says that he works for “you-know-who.”

I laughed so hard I nearly peed myself.

Discovering new in the old.



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