Damn you, Disney/Pixar: The Good Dinosaur

Seriously, could you all make a movie that doesn’t make me cry? I really thought I was going to be able to get through The Good Dinosaur without shedding a tear. They did what Disney always does and kills off a parent (seriously – what’s up with that?) and I didn’t cry. I knew that shit was coming.

But then later on, with the weird little Spot human and all of it. I just couldn’t do it. My eyes misted up and I thought I might get away without actual full-blown crying. WRONG. Sopping mess by the end of it.

When I first saw the preview for the movie I thought I would skip it. It just didn’t seem to have the pull that most other Disney movies have for me. But my cousin went to see it and said it was great so I figured “what the hell?” I had some time to kill and the movie was showing at just the right time.

Doing the right thing in the face of family expectation isn’t easy. We so very much want to be accepted and loved by our parents, siblings, and extended family that doing what we know in our hearts to be the correct thing can seem almost impossible.

However, there is nothing that can replace the warm feelings we get inside when we follow our hearts. Sometimes the reward won’t seem as grand as it did in the movie (I know, duh), but there will always be a reward of some kind.

The short that introduces the movie is really done well and an important reminder for everyone about remembering culture and finding ways to incorporate it into our lives.

If you’re on the fence about seeing The Good Dinosaur, do it. Just remember to bring tissues.