My Perfect Love is a Lighthouse

I used to describe Mr. Lyndsy as my anchor. Recently though I've been giving some thought to that term. I never meant it negatively. At the time, I was pretty fucking lost in my head. This was before I finally got on antidepressants and had anti-anxiety meds for the bad episodes.

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All the gifts I do not have

Be prepared for something amazing but creepy.

This is amazing artistry. My grandmother used to create ceramic dolls and I thought hers were so realistic, but these take it to a completely different level.

Not even 2 minutes into the video I thought, “Man, I wish I could do things like this. I’m just not an artist.”

You may have had a similar thought when you saw it.

I’m going to stop you before that train of thought gets too far out of the station. These thoughts are the kind that get us into trouble and make us feel poorly about ourselves. Instead of being able to just appreciate Michael Zajkov’s amazing skills, we turn his skill against us. We focus on what we can’t do.

I am confident that we have skills that Mr. Zajkov doesn’t. That’s not a slight against him in any way. No one person is gifted to do all the things. That’s why we all matter so much. Each of us brings something different to the table. The world needs all of us with our own individual gifts to become a more amazing place.

The video should remind us not of the things we don’t or feel we “can’t” do, but push us to excel at the things we do well. It should give us pause to examine our lives to find our own greatness. Once we see it, we can reach deep inside to surpass limits we’ve imposed on ourselves.

But the first step is to stop comparing ourselves to others.