Book Review: Unpaved Road: An Iranian Girl’s Real Life Story of Struggle, Deception and Breaking the Rules by Niki Bahara

This book came to me through a friend of a friend, because friend of friend’s mother wrote it. I tend to be a bit skeptical about the quality of any book written by people I may know. It’s definitely not fair and the two books I’ve read that way (including this one) are both really very good.

The first thing I have to say is holy shit. This is a true story and I know that I could never have done half of the things that the author did nor survived what she did. The book starts with her life as a young girl in Iran and her time in Iran goes through the revolution. I was particularly intrigued about life in Iran and the changes that occurred once the Ayatollah came into power. She describes a fun and enjoyable Iran, where she could laugh with her friends and dress how she pleased. By the time she fled Iran, women were being attacked in the streets if they were not dressed “appropriately.” Compared to that, I feel pretty free. I can at least wear capri pants!

I don’t want to give much more of her journey away as it’s really best told by her, in her voice. She paints a very clear picture, full of emotion, and most interesting, her thought processes as she travels from Iran to Iraq and eventually through Sweden to the United States.

I found it informative, interesting, and compelling. It’s definitely worth a read if you want a realistic look at what life was like in Iran during the revolution and what it’s like to try to find a new home when yours is no longer safe.

If true tales are your thing, check this one out.