Book Review: Terms of Use by Scott Allan Morrison

This book will definitely make you re-think your social media use. I’m not saying it’ll push you off of using it altogether, but it shows the dark underbelly of the companies behind it and how we may be getting used/manipulated without knowing it.

The book is about a man called Sergio who’s been into computers his whole life. His latest job is a social media site called Circles (oddly enough, this book is not related to The Cirle by Dave Eggers). It’s like Facebook, but more connected. They want people to use Circles for everything – bank information, everything social, and eventually voting.

However, an executive is murdered after he learns something the company needs to have kept secret in order to move forward into China. Sergio figures out what the executive knew and is determined to pursue the case on his own. His new friend, Malina, insists on helping.

The action is fast-paced and keeps the pages turning. Sergio and Malina escape death over and over, leaving bodies behind them. The characters are interesting and the reader gets to learn a lot about them throughout the book. Everyone’s history plays a role in the final outcome of the book.

If you’re a fan of The Circle, thrillers featuring computer stuff, or smart action, check this book out.

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