Book Review: Cries in the Night: A Low Country Ghost Story by Lori Roberts

Overall I found this book quite enjoyable. I don’t usually read ghost stories, but it was also a mystery which I do usually read. The combination intrigued me.

Two people move into a house, hoping it will be their dream home, only to find they’re not the only ones living there. The author does a great job introducing us to the characters and spreading their story throughout the book. You want them to be happy and figure out what’s going wrong in their home so they can live in peace. It gets surprisingly suspenseful given that they’re dealing with ghosts and not live people.

While the concept of the book was good, it had some difficulties as well. There were inconsistencies in descriptions (for example, the author wrote that the main character and her friend drove to pick up lunch, but in the next few pages they’re walking back from the sandwich shop) and typos which I found a bit distracting. When you have to go back a few pages to see if you’ve missed something, the books loses the rhythm it developed.

Even with the inconsistencies and typos I found it a fun read and would definitely read other works by the author.