Book Review: An Invisible Client by Victor Methos

While the story of the book is not new (think an updated Erin Brockovich-type tale), it is a modern take on the tale.

I’m drawn to books with strong character elements, and this book delivers. Byron’s relationships drive the book. His partner’s are a reflection of his values and ultimately act as a stepping stone for his grow. His relationship with his law clerk is what pushes him to grow beyond the place he’d created for himself in the world. It is through his relationship with his law clerk and “invisible client” that he grows to a place he never though he could, given his upbringing.

The author makes the book interesting even though the core of the book is about rather uninteresting events. You find yourself turning pages, hoping that the case yields the result you want.

The book is well- and tightly-written and well-edited. There are not extraneous elements; everything win the book has some purpose.

I also really appreciate how accurate this book was from a legal perspective. The rules cited are accurate and the path of the case is realistic. The only thing that struck me as being impossible was the lawyer finishing law school in 2 years. Given the rules the American Bar Association has about how many credits can be taken at a time and the number of hours allowed to work during a semester, this seems like a stretch. However, that doesn’t do much to take away from the book and that would only occur to someone who’s been through the process.

I highly recommend this book for anyone who likes John Grisham novels or courtroom stories.