Becoming Super Lyndsy, Part III: Professional

One of the main reasons behind moving to Qatar (besides getting to be with Mr. Lyndsy all the time) was that I would have pretty much an entire workday to pursue my own professional goals and hobbies. My job is based in Florida, which is 7 or 8 hours behind the time here., and I only do it part-time. I have from when I wake up until 3pm or 4 pm to work on whatever I feel like. And what I feel like is writing. A lot.

My first focus is a new project I’m working on with a couple friends. It’s still in the developmental stages so I won’t say much about it here except that it is going to be awesome. If you enjoy writing and you have an opinion, you should write for us! I’ll be laying out more details about asterisk* in the future, so stay tuned.

I also want to spend more time writing here. I miss blogging and when I don’t do it, something is wrong with my life. Now that I have more time, I want to write more. I also want to engage more with the people who read it. I find people fascinating and I would rather spend time talking to people than doing pretty much anything else. I went through a really introspective period and I feel like I lost some of my funny along the way. It’s coming back, slowly, and I want to share.

Another major goal is to write, edit, and self-publish a novel. I’ve written several over the last few years during National Novel Writing Month. I really enjoy the pressure of writing so many words in such a short period of time. However, I don’t have a lot of interest in editing those stories. I would rather start fresh with something new. Trouble is, I don’t know that I have a story or characters running around in my head right now. I’m a discovery writer, which means that I don’t do a much planning before I write. The words just jump out of my head through my fingers. Things have still been pretty hectic for me so I’m hoping that once my life calms down and I slow down, new ideas will swim their way back into my brain.

I started a project last summer called Living Through Love. Unfortunately when work got crazy and my health took a dive, I didn’t have the energy for both. Obviously the job that paid me so I could live took priority. But I feel it’s really important that I get that idea out there and really flesh it out for people, so I am definitely going to get back into it. It just feels right to do it.

I created a schedule for my days to make sure all of this stuff can get done, but naturally I left it in Florida when I moved. Recreating it won’t be a problem, I just have to do it. It would also be nice if the jet lag would leave me the hell alone so I can actually wake up during morning hours.

At any rate, I hope you’ll keep reading this blog. Despite what it may seem, coming up with posts takes a little while, so I hope I’m at least somewhat entertaining. If not, just send me nasty emails and comments and tell me to get it together.

(That was a joke.)

(Sort of.)


  1. I just read all three parts to this and loved them all! Some ideas:
    Part 1: yoga! I have fallen in love with yoga this year. It stretches, relaxes, strengthens, and is just all around awesome. It isn’t weight-loss oriented, but I firmly believe in adding into whatever other regimen you’ve got going, or even just start with it (I did in January to help me get my workout groove back on).
    Part 2: Go on weekly dates to help keep things fresh. We are horrible about doing that, but the times we have, especially with a little one in the house, it’s been amazing. And be creative – write little notes for him that he’ll find every day or something. (I could take my own advice here.) And say thank you to him every day for whatever he’s done. As for cooking, Pinterest is your friend and enemy. There are plenty of recipes that are amazing, but they won’t all turn out fantastic. But it’s fun trying them out!
    Part 3: Don’t bite off more than you can chew. I had so many sewing activities I lined up for myself while I was home not working, and it became overwhelming. Then again, I’m the type that, when faced with a tremendous pile of stuff to do, don’t do any of it, so I tend to have to pace things out well.

    I’m excited for you and your new beginnings! Go Lyndsy!!

  2. Z – it’s so funny you say to thank him. I do, all the time, and he thinks I’m crazy for it. But I won’t stop because I know what it’s like to feel unappreciated. So I will ALWAYS do what I can to make him feel appreciated.

    I think we need to start the date thing. There isn’t really much to do here, but we love movies. If there’s nothing new out, we can do a date night in. We go out to eat and come home to watch a movie together and pretend we’re at the theater.

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