Becoming Super Lyndsy, Part II: Personal/Family

I’ve been married all of about three weeks so it’s not really surprising that things are still amazing. Mr. Lyndsy is really more than I ever could have expected in a life partner. He’s kind, sweet, and we are just happy being together. From the beginning it’s been about the simple things – playing video games together, watching TV, and just relaxing. We love going to bed together and waking up next to each other (well, sort of, he’s usually out of bed and at work before I’m even thinking about being conscious).

I want to keep it this way. I’ve heard that the longer you’re married and the more kids you add into the mix, the harder things get. We won’t always agree on things. Sharing space with someone usually creates issues as well. The short of it is that things won’t always be as easy as they are right now.

We’re both committed to this relationship for life. We’re fortunate that we didn’t meet until we were a little older (not that 32 is old by any means, but it’s a bit later than a lot of people who get married). We’ve each had relationships that, in retrospect, were terrible ideas. We’ve each had significant periods of time that allowed us to really evaluate who we are and what we’re looking for in a partner. We appreciate very much how lucky we are to have found each other and we were apart long enough to cherish that we are together now.

One of my goals is to make sure, every day, that Mr. Lyndsy knows how much I appreciate having him in my life. All we want is for the other to be happy. He is extremely supportive of my goals, whether they’re related to health or work. He encourages me to pursue my dreams and does what he can to help me reach them. Words can’t express how much I appreciate having him in my life.

Mr. Lyndsy works during the day and I work during the evenings. Because I’m home during the day, I want to be the one to do the vast majority of the cooking. His job affords me the ability to only work part-time. It’s not that I’m just laying around – I’m treating the day as a workday of sorts for my various projects, but I’m still at home. I have time during the day to prep the meals and challenge myself in the kitchen a little. One of the things I hated about working more than full-time as a lawyer is that I didn’t have the time or energy to try anything new. Now that I have the luxury of having more time, I want to contribute to our family by cooking healthy and interesting meals. We just bought a KitchenAid mixer and I ordered most of the attachments they sell. I’m looking forward to playing around with those, making my own pasta and ice cream.

I’m also going to try some new activities with Mr. Lyndsy. While shopping for my new Fitbit and other exercise stuff for me, Mr. Lyndsy showed me some kayaks. He’s really excited about the idea of us paddling together. I wouldn’t normally hop into a kayak, but he’s really excited about it and I’m excited for him. I’ve also come to realize that experiences, not things, make the memories of our lives. Why not make some in a kayak? Good exercise and probably more than a few laughs as I try not to tip us over. We also play video games together – usually the Lego games. Right now it’s Lego Batman 1 and 2, since the third is coming out soon, but we’re also going to go back to The Lego Movie game. Honestly, I don’t much care what we do, as long as I get to do it with Mr. Lyndsy.

One of the hardest things I’m going to be working on is learning to speak Portuguese. Mr. Lyndsy is Brazilian and a lot of his family doesn’t speak much English. We’re currently planning on traveling to Brazil in December and I want to have at least some ability to have basic conversations with my new family while we’re there. Mr. Lyndsy will help with some translation, but that’s not good enough for me. They’re my family, I should be able to communicate with them myself.

Now that I live a million miles away from everyone I know and love, I want to make sure I’m keeping touch with people. I thrive on connections with my friends and family. Now that I don’t live within driving or easy flying distance, I’m going to make a concerted effort to stay in touch. The internet makes this a fairly simple thing to do, it’s just taking the time to do it. Time is something I’ve got.

To sum it all up:

  1. Make sure I show Mr. Lyndsy how much I appreciate him every day.
  2. Cook meals 5 days per week – hopefully something new and interesting.
  3. Spend at least 1 day per week doing an activity with Mr. Lyndsy.
  4. Sit down with my Portuguese books and course some every day. With Rosetta Stone it’s not hard to complete a lesson or two each day.
  5. Email/Facebook friends family at least once per month. I love y’all!

This will all be easier to accomplish once I’m on a normal sleep schedule. I’m still adjusting to the time zone change – 7 hours is a HUGE change, especially since we we leaped forward. Hopefully in a week I’ll be maximizing my days and accomplishing tons.

I could use some ideas from y’all though – what do you do to keep your relationship fresh? What’s your favorite meal to cook?