Back at it!

I’m finally back in the gym to prep for the Disney Princess Half-Marathon that happens in February.

I’m not surprised how much I’ve enjoyed being back in the gym, even if I hate doing it at, what is for me, the ass crack of dawn. Mr. Lyndsy prefers to get the workout done in the morning, whereas I would prefer the evening.

However, now that he has me doing some pre-drink with him and a protein shake after, I can see where it makes sense to do it first.

I think that whatever he has me doing has benefits, since I was able to push myself more today than I normally would have, especially given the fatigue I feel on a constant basis.

I’ve gone two days in a row, now I just need to keep it up. Mr. Lyndsy can’t go to the gym without me, and I know how important it is to him that he go, so I will probably be able to sustain it at least as long as he’s here with me. (He goes home about a month before I do.)

However, once I get into the habit of going, it’s usually pretty easy for me to keep it. I’m also seriously committed to being able to finish this marathon and not getting picked up by the Bus of Shame.

I managed to get into a jog. This is impressive not only because I don’t jog, but also because I didn’t trip over my right foot. Walking is occasionally a problem, but as long as I concentrate on getting my foot down and up, I may be okay.

I will definitely need to get some new shoes. That’s awesome because I love shopping, even for shoes. I haven’t decided which Disney Princess I want to be for the marathon, so eventually I’ll be picking shoes that will match my tutu.

I think Princess Leia seems like the obvious choice, but I don’t know. Which Disney Princess would you be if you were doing the marathon?