And we are cleared for surgery!


Met with the anesthesiologist on Sunday night. Mr. Lyndsy and I had no idea where the appointment was so we went to the place that seemed to be indicated on the paper – the actual hospital where they’ll be doing the surgery. Not so much. Mr. Lyndsy insisted on going early and it was a good thing he did. We just made my appointment.

I hate going to the doctor, which is unfortunate given my medical issues. They took my blood pressure and it was sky high as it usually is when I go. White Coat Syndrome. And they weighed me which is always a pleasure. It was fun to look at initially since it was in kilograms. Then I did the math and groaned to myself.

Anyway, met with the anesthesiologist. It was an easy appointment since I’ve been under general anesthesia so many times before. I really wish I didn’t have to say that.

I have been cleared for surgery on the 6th so let’s hope I can actually get a bed and get this done!

Unfortunately, while I was turning to look at something today, I pulled something in my side. Walking is now extra painful. I did test out the crutches a little bit to see if the pain would interfere, but it seems like I should be okay if this doesn’t resolve before then. I do know this, my arms are going to be really buff when I get off the crutches.