An Interesting Observation 

Leading up to the surgery I had what I considered two types of pain in my foot: Pain from the way I was walking on it and random episodes of nerve pain. The walking pain started dull and throbbing but worked itself into being an intense pain. The nerve pain was sharp and shooting, but didn’t last long. 

Tonight Mr. Lyndsy asked me if I was still having the sharp and shooting pain. I do have sharp pain now, but it feels tied to the incisions or after a lot of movement. I can lay on my sides and not have the pain I used to get. Now, I’m not sure if I can’t feel it because it isn’t happening or because I’m medicated when I go to sleep at night. I suppose I’ll figure it out in a couple weeks when I don’t need the pain meds anymore. 

But, this could be a great thing. No more nerve pain!!