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Welcome to my little piece of the internet! I’ve been blogging since 2006, though the site itself has had some changes over the years, which is why the archives are remarkably empty. I started the blog to vent, but it evolved into what it is now – a place where my brain dumps its contents about my life and my thoughts on the world.

Me: A 30-something woman just beginning to create my own family. A little late to the party, but I only finally met Mr. Lyndsy after what felt like a million-year search. (I’ve been looking for him since I was 5. What can I say, I’m determined) He totally rocks my world and is everything I’ve ever wanted – supportive but still willing to tell me when I’ve lost my damn mind, is intelligent, has a great sense of humor (read: he thinks I’m hilarious), and is really freaking hot. I did this whole relationship a lot more traditionally than I meant to (didn’t think I’d marry a guy I hadn’t lived with, but when you’re separated by 8,000 miles for most of the relationship, living together beforehand isn’t really an option), and I’m sure that it’ll be interesting to see how we both adjust to marriage and suddenly being in each other’s space all.of.the.time.

I enjoy: Music – pretty much everything except opera. My iPod suffers from multiple personality disorder; Movies – I’ll watch just about anything, but I really enjoy romantic comedies (sue me, I have ovaries), comedies (Will Ferrell is guaranteed to make me laugh), psychological thrillers, and anything where hot men drive cars really fast (RIP Paul Walker); Reading – Amish romance novels (no, I’m not kidding), psychological thrillers (I promise I’m not a serial killer…), chick lit (see above re: ovaries), and stuff written by people I know, and TV series that are remotely hilarious or intriguing (especially both, like Elementary).

For work: I’m a lawyer who has no interest in practicing law, so I don’t anymore. Maybe that means I’m not actually a lawyer anymore? I still work in the field, but without the billable hours and asshole clients and colleagues.

Since you can’t take the law out of the lawyer, I feel like I should make some disclosures*:

  1. I am frequently completely inappropriate.
  2. I swear like a drunken sailor. It’s a family trait and one I’m not even a little ashamed of. I try to keep it toned down so as no to offend everyone, but it slips out every now and again.
  3. I don’t care what other people think. I don’t go out of my way to hurt other people’s feelings, but it’s inevitable in this world. Nothing I say is meant to disparage others, it’s simply me living my own truth. Does this occasionally make me an asshole? Yes. Am I going to stop? No.
  4. I live by my own moral code. It doesn’t necessarily match up with anyone else’s and I’m okay with that. There are some things I think are absolutely wrong that others things are absolutely right, and vice versa. I’m open to discussion on most things and if I’m shown the light, I’ll join you. There are a few things you’re unlikely to sway me on.
  5. I can’t stand intolerance of any kind. With the exception of intolerance of intolerance.

*This list is in no way exhaustive and is subject to change at any time.

I look forward to sharing my life with you and I hope that you’ll share some of yours with me. Unless you’re an asshole. Then you can just keep that shit to yourself.



  1. Hey Lyndsy,
    Did you fall off the earth? People are wondering about you and we miss seeing you on fb. Please write back so we know your ok. Happy thanksgiving!
    ~Katie (Dave’s wife)

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