30-Day Project: July – Positively Pumped

30-day Project


I’ve been posting my glorious haiku daily, but there is a second component to this month. I have been sending positive energy to people, but I think a day or two got lost, so I sent positive energy to two people on the day following a day I forgot.

It’s been interesting so far. I feel like it’s getting to people. The day or so after I sent energy to someone, she messaged me out of the blue. We chat from time to time, but it’s really quite rare.

I do hope it’s making a difference whether I ever find out about it. I think it’s something easy I can do to make someone’s life a little brighter. And it has the added bonus of making me feel good too.

If you feel like it, give it a try sometime. All I do is sit down calmly, sometimes with music, sometimes without, and send happy thoughts. I usually include the phrase, “I am sending positivity, love, and light.” If I know someone is sick, I add in healing.

If you have shit going on and just need some positive vibes sent your way – just let me know. I’m happy to spend at least 5 minutes per day (in addition to what I’m doing for the 30-day Project) to help. You don’t need to leave a comment here – I can be reached at doseoflyndsy @ gmail.com (taking out the spaces).