30-Day Project: January Wrap-Up and February Project

January was a ROCKING success!! This may be the best 30-day Project I’ve done yet! I know! SO MANY EXCLAMATION POINTS!! But that’s truly how I feel about this project. I had no idea how much I needed to work creativity into my life. I have felt better in January (minus stress about Mr. Lyndsy being gone for 10 days) than in many recent months. I got better, faster, and more creative than I expected I would. And maybe a new business!!

But, now that I have all these designs, I need to do something with them. Designing sort of put actual stitching in a backseat. I only got two patterns completed in January! So, for February, my goal is to stitch at least 30 minutes per day. Ideally it’ll be more, but sometimes it causes aches and pains so I’d rather not torture myself.

I’m looking forward to stitching things I’ve bought as well as my own designs. The only way I’ll know whether my designs are worth selling (or need to be modified to be sold) is to actually stitch them. Now I have over THIRTY-ONE to work with!

Anyway, I’m so excited about seeing what I made come to life. I’ll be posting as I finish!!

BONUS PROJECT: I have been growing out my hair for months and months now, cutting off as little as possible. My hair is down to my bra strap! It hasn’t been this long for at least 6 years (I think). However, I never do anything with it. I always grab an elastic band and pull it into a ponytail. It’s not that it looks bad, but if I’m just going to do that, why bother having long hair? Also, pulling it back all the time can cause hair thinning and breakage.

So, I’ve decided that for February, I’m going to use a hair elastic as little as possible. That doesn’t mean I won’t pull it back, but if I do, it needs to be something else. It makes for a different style and hopefully I’ll do less damage so my hair continues to GROW! I want to see how long it can get.

I’ll post pictures when I remember to show I’m rocking my do. It’ll be hard for me to just let it go when it’s curly. I am way too much of a control freak when it comes to having hair flying around. But I look at pictures of women with hair like mine who just let it go and it looks amazing. I’m going to try it.