Being Anchored

The last 10 days have been rough on me. Mr. Lyndsy has been traveling for work so I’ve been home by myself. I’m a pretty social person so being stuck alone has suuuuuuucked. I went out with a friend a few times, which was awesome. But, it doesn’t do much to alleviate the constant alone-ness at home.

I’ve been pretty productive. Got the laundry done right away (we probably should only have two sets of sheets instead of letting four build up), got rooms cleaned up and the floor vaccumed, cleaned bathrooms, completed two crossstitch projects, read 5 books.

On the downside, my sleep has been screwed up. I don’t have a great grasp on the time of day or even the day itself at times. A couple of days in I realized that Mr. Lyndsy is my anchor. With him I have a home base, a place I can touch down on, get oriented, and then go off and do whatever I’m doing. I sleep more regularly when he’s home. I read somewhere that couples should make an effort to go to bed at the same time, even if one of you gets up after the other goes to sleep. So, even when I’m not too tired, I hope in bed with him. Then, somehow, magically, I’m dozing off too. I’ve been going to sleep at 6, 7, and 8 in the morning since he’s been gone. I’m not really seeing daylight much.

From meeting in person in December 2013, we have hated being apart. I’ve heard that the longer we’re married the more we’ll be okay being apart, but right now I find that hard to believe. I’ve been looking for Mr. Lyndsy since I was 4 years old. It took me 28 years to find him. When we were apart by necessity, anytime I did anything that was fun I missed having him there to share the experience. When shit was bad, I missed him being there to make me feel better. We just really enjoy being together. Why would we intentionally seek to do things apart? Especially vacations!

Maybe everyone else is right and eventually I’ll be fine being without him for extended periods. But right now, not so much.