(Last?) Foot/Leg Update


I went back to the doctor this morning for my boot follow-up. NO MORE BOOT!!! The one I got before I left broke while we were in Brazil so Mr. Lyndsy had to go out and find one for me. The one he picked up is much less cumbersome than the one we got here, but holy crap, they’re all annoying. And man, they develop one hell of an odor.

In an interesting twist, the doctor doesn’t want me to do physical therapy. He’s concerned that they’ll pull my foot down too far and ruin all the work he did. I’m not really supposed to do any sports either. Not really an issue. I do want to go back to the gym, but I don’t see how this will be an issue for that.

His big point is that what I wanted is to be able to pick up my foot and I can. I’m curious to see how my foot will feel walking in a normal shoe rather than the boot. I know I need to get some shoes that have more arch support in them. Neither of the boots had any and I could feel a lot of pain in the arch.

My ankle gets a little sore when I walk for a distance so I try to break up any walking I do. I’m working on being able to bend my toes without picking up my foot. Not sure how thats’ going to go.

This journey isn’t at a complete end yet, but the worst of it should be over!


Celebrating one of my longest relationships!

I have a friend. We’ll call him… J. Anyway, J and I are celebrating 16 years of friendship this week. I have some friends I’ve stayed in contact with for at least that long, but J and I have a pretty tight friendship. Like, he knows things about my bajingo. He gets updates when my uterus hurts. I know, lucky him.

We used to talk on the phone for hours each week. I’d walk around my neighborhood and we’d shoot the shit. He road tripped with me when I went to my first law school. He was one of the first people I told about moving to Seattle. He put me up while I was taking the bar exam in Florida and helped keep me calm. We’ve spent all night at Disney together in the heat and with crazy people. Even when he thinks I’m doing something batshit insane (getting married to a guy I’d known for 9 months, for example), he just smiles and supports me.

He encourages my craziness and is inappropriate right along with me. We created an account on adultfriendfinder just to see what it was. I was surprised his internet wasn’t cut off when we were investigating a particular group of people who do sick shit. One of my first conversations with him was about penis size. When he came home from class in college I was usually asleep in his bed and he didn’t kick me out. He figured out how to change clothes after a shower without kicking me out. He’s tolerated years of me talking about how hot he is and grabbing his ass.

My life is better for having him in it and I know that whatever life throws at me or at him we’ll always be there for each other.

J – our relationship is now driving age. I can’t wait ’til it can drink! Thanks for all the good times we’ve had and the ones yet to come. Love you!


Cut the Bullshit

I just saw a post on Facebook that was a picture of a cop with a kid and the statement was something to the effect of thanking police and everyone who puts their lives on the line every day, and letting them know they still have someone out there supporting them.

I am sick of seeing shit that’s polarizing like that. The reality is that you can support the police AND be pissed when the police abuse the power entrusted to them. Police have a LOT of discretion in their jobs – whether they approach someone is probably the biggest one. Without an approach we don’t tend to end up with devastating results – Sandra Bland, Michael Brown, etc.

Think about it. A cop can decide whether to pull someone over for a broken taillight. For the failure to stop at an intersection. They make those decisions and others like it hundreds of times every day. They make the choice about how to approach someone. Obviously their safety is paramount, but the safety of the person they’re stopping matters too.

I’m also tired of people thinking that we can’t care about more than one thing at a time. Cecil the Lion and Black Lives Matter. I can be concerned about both the extinction of wildlife and the extinction of human life.

What people are apparently not seeing is that they’re all related. Someone who doesn’t care about wildlife probably isn’t too concerned with a lot of people on the planet either. When we disrupt the natural world it affects people, not just animals. People who aren’t thinking that far ahead in that regard probably don’t see past themselves either.

I was also recently involved in a discussion about the disruption of Bernie Sanders’ rally in Seattle by Black Lives Matter people (whether it was really BLM, I don’t actually know – not the point). Someone said that racial equality and justice isn’t the only issue and suggested that it shouldn’t even be a top issue. After all, there are things like healthcare, education and the economy to focus on.

That made me laugh. While I sort of appreciate what that person was saying and agree all of those are important, you can’t address racial equality and justice without addressing all three of those in the process. When we correct racial inequality, education, economics, and healthcare HAVE to be part of the discussion. They will be worked on as a part of that process.

Also, I don’t think it’s possible to have a great economy, decent healthcare, and world-class education in the United States while racial inequality is the status quo. It’s logically impossible to do.

It seems to me that¬†people aren’t looking at the forest AND the trees. I suppose that we tend to focus on what matters to us individually since a lot of us are in survival mode.

But perhaps if we thought more of the big picture, we could effect change that takes us out of the need for survival mode and we could go more into thrive mode.


30-Day Project: July Wrap-Up and August Project

30-day Project

It’s that time again! July was mostly a success, especially because I learned something very important. I need to make sure that I have some way to keep myself accountable. I did okay with the haiku – was late a few times. Traveling and preparing to travel sort of threw me off. I wasn’t as awesome about the positivity part of the project. I should have made myself write things down. Then I would have had spaces in a calendar missing names and that would have made me remember “I need to do this.”

The good thing is that I know what I need to do in August!

I have recently started on a new spiritual path into shamanism. A big part of shamanism is journeying – entering an altered state of consciousness to meet with helping spirits. Because it’s such an integral part, I want to do it every day. Most of the journeys will be 10-15 minutes which I should easily be able to add to my daily routine. The accountability comes in that I will be journaling after each journey while it’s still fresh in my mind and so I can look back and see how things worked out.

I’m really excited about making shamanism a bigger part of my life. It’s a path I should have taken a long time ago. But, better late than never. Particularly with this.

I’ll probably blog more about what shamanism is and how it’s applying in my life. Some of you won’t appreciate the practice, and you should most definitely feel free to skip those posts (obviously).

Here’s to August!


Booted Up


It’s been a while and I know you’re all dying to know how me and my jacked up foot are doing. So I’ll indulge you.

Traveling while on crutches and not really able to bear weight is awful. We left Friday morning for Dubai. I hadn’t had a lot of time on the crutches and found it pretty exhausting to get around the airport. The woman who checked us in got me a wheelchair and that was probably the smartest thing we did that day. There’s a lot of waiting time once you check in for an international flight and in most of the airport in Doha, you don’t really get to sit while you do it. I don’t know if they’re trying to make you walk around and shop, but you don’t get to sit.¬†When you’re being assisted though, they have a “lounge” for you to hang out in, filled with mostly empty chairs.

Navigating the aisles of plane on crutches should be an Olympic sport. I didn’t get put on first, so I had to deal with people being around me and probably irritated that I was going slowly. I also booked us into the back of the plane which was not a brilliant idea in retrospect. I obviously believed I’d be a lot more mobile than I actually was.

As I was getting off the plane in Dubai, I moved aside to let someone get past me, and I tweaked my Achilles. It was a nice sharp pain and it immediately brought tears to my eyes. It did not help that I hadn’t really slept the night before and was completely exhausted. They brought a wheelchair down the jetway for me and got me through passport control fairly quickly. Then we were on the way to the hotel.

Getting out of the taxi and up the curb was pretty funny. I hadn’t yet mastered stairs and required a lot of assistance to get up. Once inside the hotel I sat while we checked in. We got booked fairly close to the elevator so I didn’t have to hop around too much. My foot was pretty damn swollen and in pain by this point. But, I had to work, so there was no sleeping. This did not bode well for the next leg of our trip.

I was hella tired when I got up the next day to fly to Brazil. I hadn’t gotten even three hours of sleep and was super cranky. Insert a “Poor Mr. Lyndsy” here.

I barely made it to the counter at the airport. They brought me a wheelchair pretty quickly though and wheeled us through a bunch of different places and elevators to get us to the “lounge” for assisted passengers.

What got interesting was that the plane wasn’t on a jetway. They asked if I could take stairs and Rodrigo quickly told them now. This meant I had to be loaded into a cargo container and driven to the plane instead of taking a bus with everyone else. They raised the container up and I got onto the airplane on the opposite side that everyone else entered. It was hilarious. I’ve never been that close to an engine before.

I made the mistake of booking myself into a middle seat for the 14-hour flight. I hate a middle seat anyway, but when you’re trapped in a boot, it’s pretty much like torture. Mr. Lyndsy and I are both tall and pretty wide (not in a fat way really – at least him) so we were all up on each other during the flight. I hate being in bodily contact with someone for so long. The guy in front of me kept his seat reclined THE ENTIRE FLIGHT. His traveling partner was a complete bitch about my crutches waiting near her seat to be taken to the back and where my bag was.

Landing in Brazil has probably been the happiest I’ve been in a long time. As soon as the guy next to me got off the plane I lunged for his seat to give me and Mr. Lyndsy some space. I moved to the middle row of seats once most of the plane cleared out so Mr. Lyndsy could get our bags. They pretty much had a wheelchair waiting for us once we were ready to get off. We got pushed through the shortest line at passport control and were finally free of airports for a while!

Some days are better than others in terms of whether I can put more weight on my leg or not. I went for a walk today without the crutches and will now be using crutches for the rest of the day. My foot is screaming at me. The damn thing is pretty swollen too. Long flights do that to my right foot apparently. We’ve been icing it on and off to try to help the swelling, but the effect has been moderate at best. Some swelling doesn’t seem like it wants to go down…

Here’s the Frankenfoot: